Kalasatama Seripaja can be rented by the day (price list below). You should familiarise yourself with our space and facilities before renting by taking an orientation/introduction course. The length of the course varies from a couple of hours to a whole day, depending on the level of the user. It is also possible to participate in a basics of screenprinting course, which will provide the skills needed to use our facilities. Work in the studio is independent and subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions.

You can purchase printing inks and paper from us and hire screens. We only use water-based inks in the studio. You can also use your own materials and equipment. For a list of equipment, click here.


SPACE RENTAL — 40€/a day per person

  • working between 10am-5pm

  • up to 4 people at a time

  • familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions

  • cancellations should be done within 7 days of the booked time. Late cancellations will incur a full day-rate fee.


  • 1-8 hours depending on level

  • assistance is available from our staff at 30€ per hour



Inkjet printer onto transparent film

  • 40cm wide 22€ per metre (minimum 20€ per film printout)

  • 60 cm wide 30€ per metre (minimum 20€ per film printout)

  • 100cm wide 37,50€ per metre (minimum 25€ per film printout)

  • Printing of positives only with the assistance of Seripaja staff


  • 50€ per hours (+ alv 24%) - billed with a seperate invoice



  • 10€ per screen, per week, per exposure

  • screen rental max. 2 weeks

  • cleaning of screen 10€


  • small frame 5€ / screen

  • medium frame 10€/ screen

  • big frame 15€/ screen

  • giant frame 20€/screen


  • we have a wide range of printing papers. Please ask for more details


  • basic inks and printing medium 6€ per 100g

  • special inks (neon, UV etc) 7€ per 100g

  • You may also use your own inks provided they are water-based


  • drawing film 10€ per metre